Video playback confirmation

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Check with the playback test video

There are two ways to play the works purchased at PORNJAPAN.
Please try to play the work correctly in your environment.
This sample video is for checking whether it can be downloaded and streamed.
If you want to check the contents of each work, please check the sample video on the details page of each work.

Confirmation of download (save and then play)

After downloading and saving this video on your PC / smartphone / tablet, check if it can be played.
Click the "Download operation check" button below to start saving the sample video.

  • * It may take some time to complete the download depending on the connection environment.
  • * After pressing the button, when the confirmation to select playback and save is displayed, select "Save".
  • * This video is a standard definition sample.

Check streaming playback

Click the "Confirm Streaming Playback" button below to check if the video can be played.

* Press the button below to switch to the playback-only screen.

* This video is a standard definition sample.

For smartphone / tablet users

Are you connected in a Wi-Fi environment?
Streaming communication over a mobile phone line may result in the use of a large number of packets.
In such a case, we recommend that you download and save it in advance for playback.
Even Wi-Fi may stop depending on the environment such as the connection location.