Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy complies with all laws and ordinances relating to the protection of personal nformation.

2. Types of Personal Information Covered.
Information collected by PORNJAPAN.JP, such as email address, password and correspondence history will be covered by our Privacy Policy.

3. Purpose of Using Personal Information
All Personal Information collected by PORNJAPAN.JP will be used for the following purposes:
1) Notices regarding change of service(s), maintenance, important updates, etc.
2) Notices regarding new services, product sales, rewards, etc.
3) Notices regarding offers from our sponsors and associates.

4. Collection of Personal Information
When collecting personal information, PORNJAPAN.JP will clearly specify the purpose of collecting such information and will limit such collection to the information required for achieving that purpose.

5. Protecting Private Information
We do our best to provide proper security to protect your personal information and prevent leakage, loss or damage and unauthorized access.

6. Releasing Personal Information to a Third Party.
We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission, except under the following special circumstances:
1) When we are unable to obtain your permission but your information is necessary to protect someone's life, health, property rights.
2) An order of disclosure of personal information from a court of law.
3) A request of disclosure of personal information from prosecution, police or legal authorities.
4) A claim of disclosure of personal information based on laws.

7. A procedure of correction, suspension and elimination of personal information.
PORNJAPAN.JP will process user requests such as disclosure, correction, suspension, elimination of personal information, or to cancel our service.

8. Exemption and Liability
PORNJAPAN.JP is not responsible for the use or theft of personal information by third parties due to member negligence. Security of personalinformation is also the responsibility of individual members.